What Not To Do When A Relationship Ends Suddenly

What Not To Do When A Relationship Ends Suddenly

Break-ups can be painful, especially if you don’t process the break-up in a healthy way. While certain things (such as talking to loved ones) can help you to move on and be happier, other things (such as forcing friendship) can make the break-up feel even worse.

Here are five things you should never do when a relationship ends.


1. What Not To Do When A Relationship Ends Suddenly: Don’t Be Angry With Her

It is normal to feel angry and frustrated about being dumped out of the blue, but it isn’t okay to take these feelings out on your ex. You are not entitled to a partner, and their feelings are valid. Lashing out and trying to make them feel bad will only make them feel more certain that they made the right choice ending the relationship.


2. Don’t Beg For Another Chance

It is okay to ask your ex if there is a chance of reconciliation, but if they say no don’t beg them. This could make you seem desperate, and it also shows that you don’t want to respect your ex’s decision. Also, sending multiple texts and messages probably won’t help to change their mind!


3. Don’t Try To Force Friendship

Your ex may ask to stay friends, but this isn’t a good idea if you still have strong feelings for them. Continuing to spend time with them will make it very hard for you to move on, even if you pretend to be fine – and there is also a good chance you are only being their friend in an attempt to win them back. This is unfair on both of you.


4. Don’t Make An OTT Gesture

Some people try to win their ex back with a grand, romantic gesture, but this rarely works. After all, the ex ended the relationship for a genuine reason, and spending hundreds of dollars on roses won’t change that. So don’t waste your money trying to win your ex back; instead, spend the money on a treat for yourself.


5. Don’t Wallow

Feel your feelings and don’t force yourself to move on quickly – but also don’t wallow in self-pity. After a few days in bed you should make a consistent effort to improve your mood. Go for a walk in nature, spend time with loved ones and invest in yourself. Over time this will help to show you that life is still good, even if you are single!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson