Things Men Want To Hear On The First Date

Things Men Want To Hear On The First Date

First dates can be a little hit or miss for most people. Sometimes the date goes amazingly well, and the conversation flows all night… but other times things can feel a little awkward or stilted. That doesn’t mean that the date is going badly, or that you aren’t a good match; it could just mean that you both feel nervous or shy.

This is completely normal, and it doesn’t mean that the date can’t be a success. If you’ve met a guy you really like and you want to make sure that the first date goes well, there are certain things you can say to increase the likelihood of a second date.

Here are five things men want to hear on the first date.


Five Things Men Want To Hear On The First Date

1. “You look really good tonight!”

Women aren’t the only people who enjoy a compliment; men love them too! If your date has made an effort to wear a nice outfit and cologne, take a second to tell him that he looks great. This will show him that you are attracted to him, which will give him a confidence boost, and it will also set a pleasant tone for the evening.


2. Laughter

Various studies have found that humans are attracted to laughter, but that isn’t all; laughter also helps humans to bond with each other. So if you want to establish a bond with your date, don’t hold back on the laughter! You could also tell a few jokes yourself to make your date giggle.


3. “Shall we get another?”

Are you having a coffee or a glass of wine with each other? If so, suggest getting another so you can keep talking. This lets your crush know that you are having a good time and that you want the date to continue – and it also establishes a clear interest, so he is more likely to suggest a second date.


4. “Let’s go together!”

If the conversation is flowing and you start to talk about upcoming events (such as a new restaurant opening, or a film being released), suggest going together. This is a simple way to let him know you would like to go on a second date, but as it isn’t too specific it doesn’t put much pressure on him to say yes or no.


5. “Tonight was really fun.”

At the end of the date you may want to tell your date that you had a great night. This may seem a little obvious, but some men aren’t great at picking up hints (and there is nothing wrong with being clear about your feelings!). So let him know that you had a wonderful night, and his response should make his feelings clear to you.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson