Compliments That Your Date Will Love

Compliments That Your Date Will Love

Let’s be honest; most people enjoy a good compliment. Compliments can make someone’s day, and it can help to improve their self-confidence.

However, lots of people use non-specific compliments and they end up seeming cheesy or insincere. It is easy to say an impersonal, throwaway compliment that sounds like it is being read off the front of a card. Phrases like “You’re awesome” and “I like you” can be said to nearly anyone, so they won’t impress your date too much.

The best option is to use thoughtful, genuine compliments that your date will really appreciate. If you want to make sure that you’re using compliments that your date will love, try using one of the compliments below.


Compliments That Your Date Will Love

“I’ve been looking forward to this date since we first planned it.”

This compliment will certainly put a smile on your date’s face, as it shows how much you’ve been looking forward to seeing them. It makes you seem excited and enthusiastic, and it makes it clear that the date has been on your mind.


“I love the way that you dress.”

It can be difficult to compliment your date’s appearance as sometimes it can seem overtly sexual, which can scare people off – especially on the first date! This compliment is sweet and a little bit sexual, but mostly it is complimenting their style, which is more of a reflection of your date’s personality, rather than their appearance.


“I love how kind you are to your friends/family/waiters.”

This type of compliment shows that you noticed how someone treats other people, from friends and family to service staff when you are out together. This compliments their personality and spirit, which most people really appreciate. It also shows that you care about how others are treated, so it shows your date that you are a caring person as well.


“I think you’re really easy to talk to.”

The best compliments are the ones that ring true to your date and the situation you are in. It’s hard to find someone who you get along well with, so when it happens it is worth mentioning. Your date will appreciate the compliment as it’s clearly honest, and it shows that you are having a good time with them.


“I love your sense of humor; you’re so [sarcastic, silly, dark, quirky, etc].”

A person’s sense of humour is a big part of their personality, and it shapes who they are and what they enjoy. When you compliment their humor, it shows your date that you think you both get along well, and it’s a good indicator that you are well-suited.

Which compliment do you like best? Which would you use on a date? Let us know with a comment!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson