Should You Give Someone A Second Chance After A Bad Date?

Should You Give Someone A Second Chance After A Bad Date?

Have you recently been on a bad date? Maybe the other person spent the whole night bragging, while you slowly watched the seconds tick by. Maybe you split food down your outfit, and now you want to curl up in shame.

Most people experience a bad date at some point in their lives, and afterwards they may ask themselves “should I give them another chance, or should I move on?”. It can be difficult to know how to proceed, especially if you quite like the other person.

Here are three questions to help you determine if you should give someone a second chance after a bad date.


1. How To Proceed After A Bad Date: Are They Different Online?

It’s likely you spent some time talking to your crush online before you met them in person. This is totally normal, but it does sometimes cause issues, especially if the other person acts differently in real life. For instance, they may have been funny and confident online… but when you met in person, they may have seemed shy or awkward. If this is the case, it could be a case of nerves, and meeting them again will give you a better indicator of their personality.

However if they are different in a clearly negative way (such as being rude, sexist or racist), it may be best if you choose not to see them again. It isn’t your job to deal with someone else’s toxic traits.


2. Did You Enjoy Most Of The Date?

Did you enjoy most of the date, but there was one moment that made you feel awkward? Maybe they just asked one awkward question, or maybe there was a silence that went on for too long. If this is the case, we suggest trying a second date to see if it was a one-off mishap. After all, most people feel nervous during a first date, and this can cause a little awkwardness!


3. Are You The Cause Of The Bad Date?

If you are the person who created the awkward moment (maybe you made an off-putting joke, or maybe you turned up late) and now you feel embarrassed and ashamed, try not to be too hard on yourself. Lots of people mess up on the first date, and if you message your crush to apologise for any awkwardness caused they may want to see you again. And if they don’t, at least you will learn from the experience for any future dates!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson