Rejection Texts You Can Send If You’d Rather Be Friends

Rejection Texts You Can Send If You’d Rather Be Friends

One of the most difficult parts of dating is rejecting someone, especially if you like them as a person. There could be lots of reasons why you don’t see a relationship happening; maybe you have incompatible values, maybe they live too far away or maybe you’re simply not attracted to them. No matter what the reason, you want to end it – but you may feel nervous about doing so.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone – and we’ve got your back. Here are a few examples of rejection texts you can send if you’d rather be friends.


10 Rejection Texts You Can Send If You’d Rather Be Friends

Hey, I just wanted to follow up from our date. I don’t think we have a romantic connection, but I’m interesting in being your friend.

I’m glad you had a good time on our date, but I’m not looking to pursue a romantic relationship. With that being said, I’m definitely interested in a friendship if you are too.

I think you’re great, but I don’t think there is a spark. Would you be interested in meeting up again as friends?

Hi! I loved talking to you last night, but I’m not sure if there is romantic chemistry between us. I’d like to stay friends, though.

I love spending time with you, but I think we work better as friends.

Hey, I’ve spent some time thinking about us and I think we would be better being friends. I hope that you understand.

When we spoke over video I felt more of a friendship connection. Is that something you would be interested in?

When we talk I have a great time, but I think we should try a platonic relationship instead of romantic.

It’s great to talk with someone so interesting and cool. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I feel a spark, but I’d love to keep talking as friends.

You are a wonderful person and I’m glad I got to hang out with you. I get a friendship vibe rather than a romantic one, though – do you feel the same way?

One of the best things you can do is imagine what you would want someone to say to you if they were ending things. Be respectful and compassionate, but also be clear and firm; don’t lead someone along because you feel sorry for them. End things cleanly, and then you can both move forward separately.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson