How To Reduce Texting Anxiety When Dating

How To Reduce Texting Anxiety When Dating

You feel nervous when your phone vibrates with a message from your crush. You rewrite your texts multiple times before pressing send, and even when they are sent you read over them again and again to make sure they read well. Was the exclamation mark too much? Should you have added an emoji?

Lots of people can relate to feelings of anxiety when dating – and this can be even more intense during the initial texting stage. After all, no-one wants to come across badly, and this can happen when the communication isn’t face to face.

Luckily it is very easy to reduce feelings of anxiety when you are texting your crush. Here are four tips to help reduce texting anxiety when dating.

1. How To Reduce Texting Anxiety When Dating: Check Your Mood First

You can reduce anxiety while texting by checking your mood before writing a text. Think to yourself; do I feel happy and positive, or stressed and anxious? Am I busy with other tasks right now? Am I feeling snappy?

If you aren’t in a great mood, you may want to text a close friend instead. Sure, you can still text your crush if you want – but if you think waiting for a response will give you anxiety, check in with someone you know better first, then reply to your crush when your mood has improved.


2. Transform Texting Anxiety Into Excitement

Anxiety is very similar to excitement, so it is very easy for people to get the two feelings confused. If you really like your crush there is a good chance you feel both excited and anxious – so focus on the excitement, rather than the anxiety.


3. Find A Distraction

Once you have pressed send, don’t sit around waiting for a reply; distract yourself instead. Ten minutes can feel like an hour when you are waiting for something, but time will pass much faster if you do something else. We suggest a little light exercise, as this will quickly change your focus – and it will also help to boost your mood, so you will probably feel less anxious after the workout.


4. Control Your Expectations

Finally it is important to control your expectations. Remember that your crush might have a different texting style to you; maybe they always send short texts, or maybe they never use emojis. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in you – it just means they are different to you! So respect their style, and manage your expectations for future conversations. Over time you will get used to their style; you may even learn to appreciate it.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson