If Relationships Make You Feel Uneasy, Read This

If Relationships Make You Feel Uneasy, Read This

Do you feel anxious when you are in a relationship? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about your partner and what they are doing? Do you hate the idea of having an argument or a tough conversation?

If so, you are not alone – and there are things that you can do to reduce the negative feelings.


1. Remember You Are Not Your Thoughts

The negative voice inside your head isn’t you. It is your anxiety and fears talking – which means that everything the voice says is irrational and illogical! It can be hard to drown the voice out, but try to remind yourself that those thoughts aren’t your thoughts; it is just the anxiety talking, and if you want you can choose not to give the voice so much power.


2. Try To Seek Less Reassurance

If you are naturally anxious it can be tempting to ask your crush for constant reassurance, but this can create an unhealthy dependency. Instead try to reassure yourself about your concerns. If you crush isn’t texting back don’t spam them with messages; tell yourself that they are probably busy, and then focus on improving your mood. You could watch a film you love, or you could try meditating – so long as you are focused on making yourself feel good. Over time this will make you less dependent on other people and more dependent on yourself.


3. Get Okay With Negative Emotions

All relationships come with ups and downs, so you should try to get okay with feeling negative emotions (such as sadness or anger). These emotions aren’t avoidable, especially if you are looking for a relationship, so instead of fearing them try to accept them as part of life.


4. Talk To People About How You Feel

If you are feeling really anxious about your dating life you should speak to a good friend about it. Having someone listen to you and validate you will make you feel much better, and it will also help you to bond with each other. Don’t keep the negative feelings inside, as they might get worse over time.

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