How To Politely Cancel A Date

How To Politely Cancel A Date

No-one likes the idea of cancelling a date, but sometimes it is the best option. Maybe you’ve had a family emergency, or maybe you’ve realised there isn’t a connection – either way, the date isn’t happening. But how can you cancel without upsetting the other person?

It is totally possible to cancel a date in a polite way; you just need to be considerate of the other person.

Here are five tips to help you politely cancel a date.


1. How To Politely Cancel A Date: Choose A Good Way To Tell Them

The most common ways to cancel a date or by phone or text message. If you’ve only met once or twice before and you don’t want to see the person again, a well thought-out text should be enough. However if you are still interested in the other person a phone call may be a better option, as this will make you seem less disinterested.


2 .Give A Good Reason

Avoid being vague and saying something like “something has come up”, as this can seem a little rude and dismissive. Be honest if you are comfortable telling the truth. If not, don’t tell an outrageous lie that seems fake, as this could upset your date and affect their self-esteem.


3. Don’t Leave It Too Late

If you feel anxious you may want to put off sending the message, but the sooner you cancel, the better. If you cancel a few days beforehand they have time to make other plans – but if you wait until the night of the date, you might seem flakey and they will waste time getting ready to meet you. They may also have made a reservation with deposit, and if you cancel too late they will lose money as well. So cancel as soon as you can!


4. Apologise

Make sure to include an apology in the text. Take accountability for cancelling plans, even if you’re not actually sorry. This shows that you are mature and you respect the other person. It doesn’t need to be a long, rambling apology; a quick “sorry for having to cancel!” should suffice.


5. Consider Setting Up Another Date If You Want To See Them Again

If you have to cancel the date but you do want to see them again, use this text as a chance to reschedule. This will let your crush know that you are still interested in dating them.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson