How To Break Up With Someone You Are Dating

How To Break Up With Someone You Are Dating

When it comes to break-ups, most people tend to focus on the person who was broken up with – but in reality, it can be just as tough to break up with someone. No-one likes initiating a difficult conversation with someone they care about, especially if they know the other person will be upset for a long time, and it is likely you will both feel lonely for a while.

Are you planning on breaking up with someone you are dating? If so, there are a few things you can do to make the break up easier.

Here are five tips to help you break up with someone.


1. How To Break Up With Someone: Be Open And Honest

When it comes to breaking up, honesty is always the best policy. You may be tempted to lie to cause less pain, but if you are mature enough to have a relationship with someone, you should be mature enough to give them the honesty they deserve. Sure, the conversation will be tough – but it would have been tough either way, and this means you get to be honest, rather than a liar (and you don’t have to worry about the truth coming out in the future).


2. Practice What You Want To Say In Advance

It can be useful to practice what you want to say before the break up. You don’t have to prepare a full speech, but saying a few words out loud will make it easier for you to be clear and assertive when the break up actually happens. So think of a few important bullet points, and say them out loud to solidify them in your head.

Practicing what you want to say will also make it easier for you to answer any questions the other person may have, which will likely make the break-up smoother for both of you.


3. Don’t Ghost

Ghosting may be very popular nowadays, but it is also selfish and a little cruel, especially if you have been talking to the other person for quite a while. So treat the other person with respect, and tell them that you don’t want to continue seeing each other. This might be a bit awkward at the time, but the other person will know where they stand, and you won’t have to ignore their messages for days (or even weeks) while they work out what is going on.


4. Don’t Be Manipulative

Break ups aren’t about winning, or being ‘better’ than the other person. In fact, that is a very childish way to think! Remember you had a personal connection with the other person, and they deserve your respect. So don’t badmouth them, or try to manipulate their feelings to tar their reputation.


5. Try To Be Positive

Finally you should try to be positive during the break up. If the relationship was bad and the other person is being difficult, you might be tempted to attack them personally, but this just drags you down to their level. So try to have a positive mindset about the relationship and its end, and wish them well before the conversation ends. This means you can walk away knowing you were respectful and mature, even though the relationship didn’t work out.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson