How To Let Someone Know That You Are Interested

How To Let Someone Know That You Are Interested


Is there anything in the world that is more annoying than trying to get your crush to notice that you like them? Some people are great at flirting and making their intentions clear, but other people struggle to express themselves in the same way. They worry that they will come across as too forward or sleazy, and that it will turn the other person off.

Thankfully it is easy to let someone know that you are interested in a relaxed, non-pushy way. If you struggle to put yourself out there, here are five ways you can let someone know that you are interested in them.


1. Make An Effort To Reply To Their Messages

Lots of people wait a few hours before they reply to texts or messages because they don’t want to seem too keen, but in reality this will just make the other person think that you are not interested in them. They won’t assume that it is a strategy designed to impress them! It is also worth noting that they may be busy with work or friends when you finally do reply, and so they may not reply either for a few hours!

Make the effort to reply to their message so that you can have a fun, interesting conversation that flows naturally.


2. Be Physically Affectionate When You Say Hi Or Bye

If you meet up with your crush in person make sure to give them an affectionate hug, and if you are talking online blow them a kiss when you say goodbye. This will add a physical element to your relationship, and as you are instigating the affection it will be a clear indicator that you are interested.


3. Avoid Playing Hard To Get

Playing hard to get can impress the right type of person, but it is a risky move – especially if the majority of your communication is taking place online or via phone. It makes your intentions vague, and most people find this off-putting rather than appealing – after all, who wants to ask someone out if there is a high chance that they will say no?


4. Don’t Mention Your Exes

It can be tempting to bring up your ex in conversation; they were a big part of your life, and you share lots of memories with them. However you should avoid mentioning your ex to your crush, especially if you are not dating. This is because it may seem like you still have feelings for your ex, even if you don’t. This will make your crush think that you are not fully available so it is likely that they won’t make an effort to pursue you.


5. Laugh Together

One of the easiest ways to let someone know that you are interested in them is to laugh together. Make an effort to make them laugh and smile and laugh when they are telling jokes. This will highlight to the other person that you two have a relaxed and enjoyable relationship, which will make them start to wonder if you have feelings for them. This relaxed move isn’t too pushy, and it is a great way to show the other person that you are a positive person who enjoys life.

Do you have any dating tips of your own? Let us know with a comment!

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