How To Flirt With Someone You Have Just Met

How To Flirt With Someone You Have Just Met

Lots of people struggle to flirt with someone that they have just met. If you have known someone for a while you know more about their sense of humour and their view points, and this makes it much easier to flirt with them.

Sadly a bit part of modern dating involves flirting with someone that you don’t know very well, so it can be useful to learn a few handy flirting techniques.

If you’re ready to improve your dating game, here is how to flirt with someone you have just met.


1. Get In Their Space

If you like someone and you are in the same room as them, take the opportunity to get into their space. We don’t mean invade their personal space in a way that may seem intrusive; simply put your hand on their leg for a second if they make you laugh, or learn towards them when they are talking. If they reciprocate it could be the start of something!


2. Say How You Feel

If you feel awkward hitting on someone, embrace it! Don’t pretend to be something you’re not; instead go up to the other person or send a message saying “I feel like I might be making an idiot out of myself here, but I’d love to get to know you more.” This approach is honest and down to earth, and many people will find that refreshing.


3. Compliment Them

If you are attracted to someone you should let them know with a compliment. You don’t have to be sleazy or cheesy; keep it casual but flirty by complimenting one of their features, such as their hair or their smile. A simple “I love your hair!” could mean the world to the other person, and isn’t too pushy or forward.


4. Tease Them

A little light-hearted teasing is a classic form of flirting, and many women appreciate this as it isn’t sleazy. However it is important to be aware that you shouldn’t take it too far as the other person may think that you are insulting them. Simply make a quick joke about their taste in TV/films/food/drinks, and then give them a smile or an emoji to make it clear that you are joking.


5. Turn It Around

Turn the tables on the other person by playfully suggesting that they are the one flirting with you. This will put the idea of flirting in their mind, and it will make it clear that you are interested in them.

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