How To Have A More Romantic Sex Life

How To Have A More Romantic Sex Life

Sex can be a lot of things. It can be passionate, it can be emotional – and sometimes it can be romantic. Romantic sex is one of the most popular types of sex, especially for couples, but it can be hard to make sex feel romantic if you’re not sure where to start.

Thankfully we are here to help you. Here are six tips to help you have a more romantic sex life.


1. How To Have A More Romantic Sex Life: Find Out What Your Partner Finds Romantic

Romance is different for everyone. You may think that a bouquet of flowers is romantic, while your partner might hate flowers because they have allergies. So spend some time finding out what your partner finds romantic, and then try to recreate that for them. This will increase the feelings of romance within the relationship, so you are more likely to have romantic sex.


2. Be More Romantic During The Day

If you want to make your sex life more romantic, don’t start 10 minutes before you want to have sex; try to be more romantic during the day (for instance, you could give them a love note with their morning coffee). This will seem more genuine, so your partner is more likely to reciprocate your feelings. This will also help to build up feelings of passion and anticipation!


3. Make The Room Romantic

One of the easiest ways to increase feelings of romance is by making the room feel more romantic. Put on a relaxing, pleasing album, and light some candles or fairy lights to make the room more cosy. You could also buy flowers to make the room more beautiful (although we don’t suggest this if your partner has allergies!).


4. Make Eye Contact

Research has found that making eye contact can make sex feel more intimate, so try making eye contact with your partner if you want to feel more in sync. This is a very simple way to make sex more romantic.


5. Hold Their Hand

If the idea of making eye contact during sex makes you nervous, try starting by holding their hand. Holding hands during sex is an easy way to make the sex feel more connected and romantic.


6. Cuddle Frequently

Finally you can try cuddling more frequently. This could be before, after or during sex; whatever makes you and your partner feel good. This is a simple way to increase the feelings of intimacy in your relationship.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson