Flirty Texts You Should Send After The First Date

Flirty Texts You Should Send After The First Date

Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication, so if you are dating someone it is highly likely that texting will be a part of your relationship… but that doesn’t mean that everyone is actually good at texting.

There are lots of ways to get texting wrong, from double texting to one word responses – so if you want to impress your crush, you should try to avoid making any texting blunders! Thankfully we are on hand to help; here are 10 fun, flirty texts you can send after the first date to impress your crush.


Flirty Texts To Send After The First Date


  1. “Wow, tonight really was the picture-perfect first date. Sleep tight.”


  1. “That bar/restaurant was amazing! How did you discover it?”


  1. “Thanks again for such a good night. You looked amazing :)”


  1. “Tonight was so much fun! I’m so glad we did something together.”


  1. “Had a great night! Can’t stop laughing thinking about (something they said to you). You are as funny as you are beautiful.”


  1. “I’m not one for the three-day rule, so… want to meet up again soon?”


  1. “So you are really great at first dates. Are you just as good at second dates?”


  1. “I have a huge smile on my fact after last night’s date. Just wanted you to know that ”


  1. “Good morning! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed last night’s date (and I am definitely ready for the sequel).”


  1. “I cannot stop thinking about the food from last night. Delicious! We should definitely check out more restaurants together.”


These are all simple, easy ways to flatter your date and let them know you like them without going overboard. So if you have a date planned and you think it will go well, consider sending one of these texts afterwards!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson