Early Indicators That Show They Are Not The Right Person For You

Early Indicators That Show They Are Not The Right Person For You

When you first start dating someone, it is normal to see them with rose tinted glasses. You think they are attractive and fun, and you really want a relationship to develop – but sometimes the rose tinted glasses can stop you from seeing that they’re not the right person for you.

Not everyone you date is going to be perfect for you (which is why most people date dozens of people before finding love!), so it is important to look out for red flags and warning signs when you first start talking to someone new.

Here are seven early indicators that show the person you are dating isn’t right for you.


1. Indicators That Show They Are Not The Right Person For You: They Don’t Make As Much Effort As You Do

You always ask them to hang out or chat, but they don’t really do the same with you. Sure, they are willing to chat when you make the effort, but they always respond and never initiate. This indicates that you are more interested in a relationship than they are, which could set a strange precedent for a relationship if you do get together.


2. The Way They Communicate Frustrates You

Whenever you message them (whether it is by text, messenger or phone call), you feel frustrated by how they communicate with you. Maybe they take hours to reply to your messages, or maybe they send far too many messages a day – either way it frustrates you, and you wish that the communication would improve.


3. They Have Already Made You Feel Upset Or Angry

You’ve only been speaking for a few weeks, and you’re no-where near relationship status yet – but they have already made you feel upset, angry or frustrated. This could be disrespectful behavior such as flirting with other people, or maybe sometimes they act cold or disinterested. This can affect your overall mood and self-esteem, which isn’t ideal for a relationship. Remember that the right person will make you feel loved and valued, not upset or foolish.


4. They Are Always Busy

They reply to your messages and texts, but it seems like they are busy whenever you ask them to video chat or hang out in person. Sure, everyone is busy sometimes – but if doctors, PhD students and working parents can find the time to date, so can the person you are dating! This is super frustrating, and if it continues it could be a reason to break it off.


5. They Ignore Parts Of You

The person you are dating chooses to ignore certain parts of you (such as your moral values or political opinions). Of course it is fine to disagree on certain subjects, but if your crush can’t accept you for who you are, they don’t deserve you.


6. They Seem Disinterested In Your Friends And Family

They get quieter when you bring up your friends and family, and they have expressed zero interest in wanting to meet them. This could be because they are not looking for a serious relationship, or it could be because they are worried your friends will realize they are bad for you – either way, this is a big red flag.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson