Differences Between Americans And Brits

Differences Between Americans And Brits

Sometimes British and American people seem very similar. They speak the same language, they have a similar sense of fashion, and there are even a few shared historical connections. Yet despite this, the two countries are very different.

Here are six funny differences between American people and British people.


1. Differences Between Americans And Brits: A Different Sense Of Humour

Humour in the UK is fairly different to humour in the USA. Obviously there is some crossover; after all, both countries enjoy many of the same TV shows. However humour in Britain tends to be more indirect, subtle and dry, while American humour can be more obvious and in your face. Both can be great; it just depends what mood you’re in!


2. People In Britain Are Less Religious

The United States is known across the world for being a fairly religious country, with over 70% of the population identifying as a Christian denomination. However religion is far less important in Britain. Only around 35% of Brits identify as religious, and research has found that the number of atheists is on the rise.


3. Gun Ownership Is Very Different In The UK

One of the biggest differences between Britain and America is the gun ownership laws. In America gun ownership is very common, with around 44% of Americans living in a home with a gun. In Britain it is much harder to acquire a gun, and gun culture is far less popular. Research has found that only around 5% of British people own a gun, and most of these are shotguns for hunting.

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4. Britain Still Has A Royal Family

Britain still have a Royal family, and most British people embrace them as a big part of their history and culture. Admittedly the Royal family have no political power, but they are still loved by many. In fact, the Queen just celebrated 70 years on the throne with a Platinum Jubilee!


5. Eggs Are Stored Differently (Yes, Really!)

If you’re an American and you visit the UK, you might be shocked to see how the Brits store their eggs. In America eggs are always refrigerated, but in the UK they are normally stored in a room temperate cupboard. This might seem really weird, but there is a reason for it; in America the natural coating is removed from the egg for hygiene reasons, which means the eggs spoil quickly if they are stored at room temperature. In the Britain the coating is left on, which means that the egg lasts for longer at room temperature.


6. In The USA It Is Standard For Drinks To Be Served With Ice

Finally it is normal for cold drinks in America to be served with ice, but normally in Britain you will need to ask if you want your drink to have ice. This applies to both fizzy drinks, water and iced coffees. We’re not sure why this is, but we suspect that the colder weather in Britain may have something to do with it!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson