The Differences Between American Men And British Men

The Differences Between American Men And British Men

If you have dated exclusively American men in the past, you may be in for a shock if you start dating a British man. Of course everyone has their own unique personality, but culture differences between the US and the UK will become more obvious if you start dating a British guy.

Some of these differences can be a good thing, while others can be a little confusing! So if you’re planning on dating a Brit, here are four interesting differences between American men and British men.


1. The Difference Between American Men And British Men: Personal Style

Male fashion varies slightly between Britain and America. In the UK many men take great pride in the way they dress, and they often embrace classic British style (such as wearing Blazers, chinos or a tweed cap).

This style is nowhere near as popular in the US; in fact, casual style is the norm. Most men stick to jeans and t-shirts, and comfort is a big priority. Sure, you might go on a date with a man wearing suit trousers and a shirt – but normally this will only happen if the date is happening somewhere very formal.


2. The First Date

Attitudes towards the first date also vary between countries. In the UK a first date is fairly formal, with both parties seeing the date as an investment of time and money. Normally the man will discuss his personal life outside of work as a way to bond.

In the US first dates are much more casual, with most men seeing it as a chance to work out if they like a woman (rather than knowing that they already do). The topic of conversation may also be more work-focused, as careers are often more openly discussed in the USA.


3. Flirting And Compliments

British men may also flirt in a slightly different way to American men. British men are often more reserved when it comes to outright flirting, but they normally compliment their date in a more subtle way. This is ideal for women who don’t like brazen flirting, but it can seem a little strange if you’ve only flirted with American men in the past!


4. Physical Touch

British men also tend to be more reserved when it comes to physical touch on a date (hugging, holding hands, kissing). This is partially due to a more reserved culture (but it is probably a good thing while we are in the midst of a pandemic!).

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson