Date Ideas That Will Impress British Guys

Date Ideas That Will Impress British Guys

Seeing as the chances of finding your soulmate on a night out to your local pub are pretty small, more people are turning to online dating to find their ideal mate.

If you’re dating a British guy and things are going great, you might be planning your next date. Sometimes a regular date night to Nando’s just doesn’t quite cut it, and if you’re trying to impress the new lad in your life, you’ll want to plan something extra special.

1. Take it Outdoors

Nothing evokes a deep connection by being forced to put your phones away and get your bodies moving together. Allow nature to be your guide and plan a day hiking, picnicking or even taking a stroll through your city’s nearest nature trail.If you’re so inclined, this can also mean setting up a mixed-gender pickup game of football and allowing each other to witness your competitive sides.
If you want to spend time outdoors but don’t necessarily want to get active, you can snag tickets to an outdoor cinema event, as they’re becoming more and more popular all over the UK. This is a great option for brand new couples who might still be easing into the deep conversation but still want to cozy up and enjoy the ability to bring in their own beer and snacks.


2. You Don’t Have to Enjoy Coffee to Enjoy a Cafe

Cafes aren’t just for coffee anymore! Board game cafes are cropping up all over the UK and they can lead to one of the best dates you’ll ever have. Whether you go in for a simple trivia game or a complicated game that allows your strategic side to come out, planning a date at a board game cafe allows you to interact and see your date’s personality without having the added pressure of asking questions or keeping the conversation going. It doesn’t hurt that most cafes also allow you to order the traditional coffee and food, making it a great option for a low-key, inexpensive date that’s still jam-packed with fun.


3. Keep it Relaxed & Fun

Don’t stress too much about where you’ll go or what you’ll do. While it’s important to plan a date that’s fun, you’re more likely to remember a date that was relaxed and allowed you to form a deeper connection with your guy.
Getting outside and moving is a great way to release hormones that will form a deeper bond, and planning a date to somewhere like a board game cafe that allows you to see deeper into your mate’s personality are always great options. Regardless of what you do, try to focus on your time with your date and always remember to have fun.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson