Awesome Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Awesome Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Are you dating someone who lives in a different city or country? Do you want to make them feel special, even though they live so far away?

If so, we’ve got your back. We understand that the distance can be tough, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be romantic or spontaneous.


1. Awesome Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas: Long Distance Touch Lamp

If you want to feel more connected to your date, consider buying a pair of long distance touch lamps. If either one of your touches your lamp, the other lamp will also light up. This is a cute way to let your partner know that you miss them – just make sure not to keep touching the lamp if you suspect the other person is sleeping!


2. Countdown Clock

Are you planning a trip to see your crush? If so, make the trip even more exciting with a pair of countdown clocks. All you need to do is set the clocks for the next time you will see each other, and then the countdown will begin. Seeing the days and hours drop away can be very exciting, and it can also give you a mental boost when you are really missing your partner.


3. Love Box Messenger

You can also use Love Box Messenger to send romantic messages to your date. You can send your message through an app, and then your partner will see the message appear on their screen. They can reply with hearts or their own message. This concept is very simple, but it is a nice way to be romantic while you are apart!


4. Phone Stand

Do you and your crush video chat regularly? If so, you could buy them a phone stand so they don’t have to hold their phone anymore. This means you both sit back and relax with both of your hands free – so you won’t need to deal with aching hands and fingers after a particularly long call.


5. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

You can also buy long distance touch bracelets to wear until you see each other again. If you touch one part of the bracelet, the other bracelet will vibrate lightly (so it will feel like they are lightly touching you on the wrist). This is a great alternative to the touch lamp, especially if you both like jewellery.


6. Missing You Notes

You can also buy Missing You notes to keep the romance alive while you are apart. The company will send a jar of 31 personalized love notes that can be opened every day (or when they feel low). This will add excitement and intimacy to your relationship, and it will definitely make the distance more bearable.


7. Personalized Co-Ordinates Bracelet

Finally you could buy each other personalized co-ordinates bracelets with each other’s latitude and longitude engraved on the outside. You could also write a personalized note on the inside of the bracelet to make the gift even more romantic.

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