Ace Your Date With These Style Tips

Ace Your Date With These Style Tips

Going on a first date is always an exciting experience, but figuring out what to wear can be a challenge. A recent survey has shown that the average woman spends about 20 minutes deciding what to wear before going out on a weekend night—and this doesn’t even include hair and makeup time.

While taking an hour (or more) to put together your date look can help you put your best foot forward, it would also be beneficial to master a few styling tricks that you can use again and again. Not only will you save time getting ready, but learning how to put yourself together well ensures that you feel confidently beautiful for your first and future dates with the person you fancy.


1. Ace Your Date With These Style Tips: Highlight your best feature

Before selecting your outfit, answer this question first: What do you like most about yourself? Is it your eyes? Your legs? Your collarbones? Whatever it is, dress to highlight your best feature. If it’s your eyes, then make sure to wear colours that will make your eyes pop. Shades like lavender, plum, or orchid enhance green eyes, while orange make blue eyes pop. Meanwhile, burgundy brings out the warmth of brown eyes. Wear a soft jumper in any of these shades for a cozy, “girlfriend” look and pair with nice jeans and classic sneakers for a cool, casual look.

If you want to show off your legs, you can show some skin, but don’t overdo it. A skirt or dress that hits about 2 inches above the knee lets you highlight your favourite feature while keeping it classy at the same time. Pair with a jacket and wedges for a comfortable yet dressy outfit that’ll look great if you’re going out for dinner and a film.


2. Comfort is key

Those sky-high Manolos may look gorgeous when you put them on, but let’s face it, even the most comfy heels can make you feel like crying after a while. And while that backless dress may make you look like a million bucks, you might regret your fashion choices if it’s chilly outside. Remember to put comfort first before aesthetics, and you’ll feel your best (and have a great time) while on your date. Wear a jacket or carry a wrap if you think you’ll need it, and opt for shoes that you can actually walk in.

You’ll need a clutch with a strap, or a small bag that you can wear across your body so your hands are free. Bring only the essentials—some lipstick and a compact for freshening up, a credit card, some cash for cab fare, and your phone are all you need for a night out.


3. Be yourself

The worst fashion mistake that you can make while preparing for your date is trying to dress like someone else. You want your date to see you and like you for the person that you are, so be yourself. If you’ve always favoured the boho look, then by all means, rock that look on your date. Or if you never liked skirts, then don your best jeans and wear them with confidence—and maybe pair them with a killer leather jacket and boots. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman, so be you and let your personal style shine.

Getting ready for a date shouldn’t stress you out. Try these styling tips to be the best version of yourself, and have a great time!

Guest Post: Jennifer Dawson

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson