Rules For The Second Date

Rules For The Second Date


You had a great first date with your crush, and you’re planning to meet up again. You are really looking forward to the night – but a small part of you is worried that it won’t live up to the first date.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. Second dates can be just as scary as first dates, and there tends to be more pressure to get along well. However second dates also have a lot of benefits; you both know the attraction is there, and you already know that you have some things in common with each other.

Here are four rules to make sure that the second date is even better than the first.


1. Do Something Memorable

One of the main issues with second dates is that people expect it to be better than the first – and it can be difficult to guarantee this if you just meet up for a drink in a bar. So if you want to make sure that the night is a success, consider doing something a little bit more memorable. For instance, if you date mentioned a place (such as a nearby museum or library), you could take them there and ask them to show you around. Alternatively you could make a picnic, or go stargazing – so long as it is more unique than a bar or a restaurant!


2. Don’t Go To See A Film

Going to the movies isn’t great for a first date – and it isn’t really ideal for a second date, either. This is because a movie doesn’t really give you the chance to talk to each other; you pretty much have to sit in silence for an hour or two, so you won’t find out much about each other. Another issue is that you could hate the movie, which means that the night will be pretty boring (even if your date is very interesting!).


3. Surprise Your Date

You can also add a little extra excitement to the night by suprising your date with the location. This is sure to make the night more memorable, but be careful – there is always a chance your date won’t like what you picked. For this reason we only suggest this if you know that your date will definitely enjoy the surprise! For instance, you could surprise her with something she said she liked on her dating profile, such as salsa or cooking.


4. Go For A Drink First

If you plan an elaborate date (such as a hike in the woods, or stargazing), we suggest that you meet for a coffee or a drink first. This will give you both the chance to relax and feel comfortable with each other first, so the date is more likely to be a success.

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