10 Signs That Show You Love Britain

10 Signs That Show You Love Britain

The global interest in Britain has increased in the last few years due to the Royal wedding, a Royal baby and the London Olympics. Now the world is filled with people who love English culture and history – a.k.a Anglophiles.

Do you think that you are an Anglophile? If so, you’ll be able to relate to these signs that you love Britain.


Signs You Love Britain

1. Your favorite accent is British. You swoon when you hear a British person speak, and you kind of wish that you had a British accent yourself.

2. You know and love all of the British words for things. Doesn’t “lift” sound so much better than “elevator”? You even like the fact that British people call their chips ‘crisps’.

3. You totally agree that ‘football’ makes more sense than ‘soccer’. After all, you can only touch the ball with your feet!

4. You love the world of Harry Potter, and you’re certain that your Hogwarts acceptance letter was lost in the mail.

5. You daydream about wandering through the beautiful English countryside, or walking around bustling London.

6. You love British TV. You’ve watched every season of Downton Abbey, and Benedict Cumberbatch is your celebrity crush.

7. You love drinking tea.

8. You watched the Royal wedding with tears in your eyes, and you always keep up with the latest Royal news.

9. If someone brings up Britain you get unreasonably excited. You start talking about London and your favorite British TV shows, and the other person can’t get a word in.

10. You dream of dating someone British. You love the charm, the accent and the culture – in fact, you love everything about British people!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson