Why You Should Visit Britain In The Summer

Why You Should Visit Britain In The Summer

Britain is a beautiful country all year around, but if you are thinking about visiting you should definitely consider visiting Britain in the summer. Forget everything you’ve heard about grey skies and everything being too expensive – Britain is breathtakingly beautiful in the summer, and there are lots of free things you can do in every city.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Britain during the summer.


1. It Is Budget Friendly

Lots of people assume that it is more expensive to visit Britain during the summer, but this isn’t entirely accurate. While the price of some hotels and events will go up, there are lots of things that are cheaper or even free during the summer, such as parks, art galleries and museums. Budget friendly hotels and hostels will also remain a similar price to other seasons, so if you plan carefully you can arrange a summer trip that is cheaper than a winter trip to the UK!


2. You Can Experience Real Royalty

If you are visiting London you will want to check out Buckingham Palace, as the royal family is a huge part of British culture. You can always visit the Palace in winter, but your experience will be much more limited as summer is the only season when Buckingham Palace is open to the public.

That’s right; in summer you can actually walk around Buckingham Palace! This is a wonderful experience, and you are sure to be impressed by all of the luxurious furnishings.


3. It Is The Perfect Time To Explore The Cities

The days in summer are longer and the weather is warmer, so it is the best time to properly explore the city you are visiting. There are also lots of perks to exploring Britain in summer; for instance, in London you can hire a bike to explore the city. This is ideal for anyone who is on a budget as the bike is free for the first 30 minutes, and after that it is very fairly priced.


4. You Can Check Out Delicious British Food Markets And Festivals

If you want to experience real British food, check out the British food markets and festivals in summer. Festivals and markets run up and down the country in summer, but some of the best can be found at Camden Lock Market in London. The Farmer’s Market at Alexandra Palace is also definitely worth checking out!


5. There Are Lots Of Free Outdoor Events You Can Attend

There are lots of free events that you can attend in the summer. You will be able to find free music festivals, dance performances, live comedy shows, food festivals and even free art exhibitions. If you want to check out lots of free events during your trip, make sure that you stay in London for a few days so that you can check out the London Wonderground, the Coronation Festival, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Lovebox.

You could also reserve tickets for the Eastbourne Air Show, the Henley Road Regatta and the Proms, one of the most popular live music events in the UK.

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