Why It Is Okay To Argue With The Person You Date

Why It Is Okay To Argue With The Person You Date

Lots of people fear arguing with their crush. After all, arguments can quickly turn nasty, and if it is a serious subject it could cause tension in the relationship, right?

Wrong. Sure, toxic arguing is bad, but healthy arguing is an unavoidable part of life. Everyone disagrees sometimes, and when this happens you shouldn’t change the subject for fear of things going badly; instead you should be willing to disagree in a respectful, loving way.

Here are two reasons why it is healthy to occasionally argue with the person you are dating.


1. Why It Is Okay To Argue With The Person You Date: The Power Is Equal

If both people feel comfortable challenging each other it means that the power in the relationship is equal. This shows both respect and understanding, and it means that they can disagree with each other without a huge fight ensuing. Remember that everyone has a right to their own thoughts and opinions, and in a healthy relationship it is okay to express these feelings to each other.


2. You Are Dealing With Problems

It can be tempting to pretend that conflict doesn’t exist between you and your crush, especially if the relationship is very new, but if you do encounter conflict it is important to deal with the issue and move on. It can be scary to bring things up, but if you are calm and kind while you are talking it shouldn’t turn into a toxic argument.


How To Argue In A Healthy Way: Remember To Both Focus On Compromise

While arguing is normal and healthy, toxic arguments should be avoided. It can be difficult to avoid a toxic argument if you are very emotional, but try to focus on compromise, rather than simply getting your point across. This is because it is important to listen to each other, even if you disagree. This means that you will both feel like your points have been heard, which will allow you to come up with a compromise that you are both happy with.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson