When Is The Best Time To Say ‘I Love You’?

When Is The Best Time To Say ‘I Love You’?

Falling in love feels amazing. It is great to meet someone who you truly love spending time with, and as the connection deepens you may feel ready to say those three little words.

But when is the best time to say ‘I love you’? After all, saying it too soon could ruin the relationship – but waiting too long could also make you seem disinterested.


When Is The Best Time To Say ‘I Love You’?

There is actually an answer to this question; a study from YouGov found that men take an average of 88 days to say ‘I love you’, while women tend to take around 134 days. However it is important to be aware that the actual timeframe varies wildly for most people. Some people only take a few months (or weeks!) to fall in love, while other people (especially if they have experienced dating trauma) may take a lot longer to feel sure of their feelings.

So in reality there is no exact time-frame… but there are a few signs that do indicate you have fallen in love.

Here are five signs that show you are ready to say ‘I love you’.


1. The Dates Are Amazing

If you and your date are truly compatible, when you spend time together it should feel amazing. There should be a lot of laughter, eye contact and understanding, rather than frequent disagreements and awkward silences.


2. You Seem Compatible

Compatibility is an important part of any healthy, loving relationship. This doesn’t mean you need to see eye-to-eye on everything; in fact, you may hate each other’s favourite TV shows! But you do agree on the more important things. For instance, you have similar values and romantic goals, which increases the chances of the relationship lasting.


3. Disagreements Are Healthy

When you and your date do disagree, it isn’t a big problem. It doesn’t turn into a screaming argument, as you are both emotionally mature and respect the other person’s feelings. This makes you feel comfortable and secure in the relationship (and you are also happy to express your feelings, even when they are negative).


4. There Is Strong Chemistry

You don’t just have an emotional connection; there is also a strong physical connection! You are both attracted to each other, and you respect each other’s sexual values and morals. This doesn’t just mean that you have a good sex life during the honeymoon period; it means that you are genuinely sexually compatible on a long-term basis.


5. You Can Barely Stop Yourself From Saying ‘I Love You’

You feel sure of your feelings, and sometimes it is nearly impossible to stop ‘I love you’ escaping your lips. You have felt this way for some time now, and you are fairly certain that your partner feels the same way. You are ready to take the next step in your relationship, and you can’t wait to tell your partner how you feel.

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