What’s New at DBG

What’s New at DBG

We all made New Year’s resolutions – to eat right, exercise regularly, be more productive at work.  Well, now it’s the end of February, and once again, McDonald’s is packed, the gym is empty, and facebook status updates are coming fast and furious from offices around the world.

Here at DBG, we may have missed our last 15 workouts or so, but we did manage to keep one of our resolutions.  We upgraded our site!  Here’s how:

We’ve improved the layout of our search results so it’s even easier to find the users you’re interested in connecting with.

Screen Shot 1

We’ve also merged the Coffee Match feature with the Hotlist.  Just click the green check mark below each photo to add a user to your Hotlist.  Your Hotlist now works the same way Coffee Match did – if a user you’ve Hotlisted also Hotlists you, you’ll both receive an email telling you you’re a match.

Screen Shot 2

To keep users you’re not interested in out of your search results, simply hit the red trash can beneath the picture.

And should a user catch your eye, you can now scope out all of their pictures to see if you’re really interested.  We’ve expanded user rights so now, no matter your membership status, you can view every album that a user has posted.

Screen shot 3

Just make sure to upload a profile photo of your own, and you’ll have complete access to photos like these.

Finally, if you’re on the go and want to upload that great new shot you took while out with your friends, now you can!  Though we haven’t quite finished our mobile site yet, you can now upload photos and videos from your mobile device.

Screen shot 5

We’re working hard to finish our mobile site so you can flirt and chat on the go.

We hope you enjoy the new upgrades we’ve made, and as always, let us know if there’s something new you’d like to see.

Happy Hunting!

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