What You Should Be Looking For By The Third Date

What You Should Be Looking For By The Third Date

Modern dating is very different to dating in the past. Today some people are married to someone within six months of meeting them, while other people date someone for years without ever making the relationship official.

This can be a lot of fun, but it can also be pretty nerve-wracking, especially if you know what you want. Thankfully we are here to help you; we have compiled a list of all of the things that you should be looking for by the third date. This makes it easier for you to work out if your relationship is progressing, or simply stagnating.

Here are four things that you should be looking for by the third date (even if the date is virtual due to the current pandemic!).


1. What You Should Be Looking For By The First Date: They Don’t Come On Too Strong

As you get to know each other better, it is likely that you are starting to open up to each other a little more – but your date shouldn’t be coming on too strong. At this point you have only hung out in a romantic sense three times, so if they are trying to rush into a relationship this could be a red flag.


2. The Conversation Is Getting Better

The more you hang out together, the better the conversation gets. It also flows more naturally, and you are starting to develop “in jokes” that no-one else understand. The awkward moments are also less frequent, which shows that your personalities connect in a good way.


3. You Think They Are Fun

It doesn’t matter if your date is shy and quiet, or loud and extroverted; to you they are lots of fun to be with, and you want to keep spending time with them. They make you laugh and smile every time you hang out, and it is clear that you are very compatible.


4. You Have Shared Interests And Values

The more you hang out with your crush, the more you both realise that you have shared interests and values. Of course you still like lots of different things, but by the third date it should br easy to think of a fun way to spend time together. You also have shared values when it comes to love and relationships, which is a great sign for the future.

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