What Can You Do At Trafalgar Square?

What Can You Do At Trafalgar Square?

Trafalgar Square is one of the most popular destinations in London due to its history and beauty. The Square is home to beautiful fountains, iconic stone lion statues, Nelson’s Column and the world famous Fourth Plinth.

If you hope to visit Britain in the future and London is on your list, here is a list of the things you can do at Trafalgar Square.


What You Can Do At Trafalgar Square

1. Yearly Events

Trafalgar Square is a cultural hub in London, and throughout the year various events are hosted in the area, from performances to shows to exhibitions. The Square is also home to the largest Christmas tree in the whole of London during December, which is an annual gift from Oslo, Norway! If you want to book tickets to an event at Trafalgar Square look online to find out more.


2. Spend An Afternoon At The National Gallery

The National Gallery can also be found in Trafalgar Square, and it currently contains more than 2,000 paintings – some of which date back to the Middle Ages! The gallery is dedicated to paintings from Western Europe, and it has been open since 1838. Some of the artists currently on display include Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and Botticelli, so if you love art you should definitely visit the National Gallery.

There are also a few restaurants in the National Gallery that you can check out if you start to feel peckish!


3. Check Out Nelson’s Column

Nelson’s Column is a status commemorating admiral Nelson, who died during the infamous Battle of Trafalgar, but if you want to see the statue you may want to hurry up; many media outlets are currently pushing the London council to tear down slavery-era monuments such as Nelson’s Column.


4. Enjoy The View

If you want to sit down and enjoy a beautiful London view, head to the top of the steps that lead to the gallery and take a seat. You will be able to see Big Ben, Whitehall and the city skyline from this position – so it is a perfect photo opportunity!


5. Visit St Martin-in-the-Fields Church

St Martin-in-the-Fields Church is a stunning building that boasts unique and beautiful architecture, and you can even grab lunch in the unusual Café in the Crypt that can be found downstairs.


What Is Near To Trafalgar Square?

Convent Garden is in walking distance of the Square, so you can easily head off for a shopping trip when you are done. You could also walk to Parliament Square to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, or you can go for a delicious meal in Chinatown!

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