Tips To Help You Deal With Loneliness

Tips To Help You Deal With Loneliness

It is important to spend time alone, whether you are single or dating someone. After all, solitude gives us time to think and reflect, and it also gives us the chance to learn more about ourselves. However too much time alone can definitely be a bad thing, especially if you start to feel lonely.

This can be particularly difficult for shy singles, as the idea of socialising with strangers can be a little overwhelming – and it is even harder during a global pandemic. If you can relate to this, don’t worry; there are lots of simple ways to feel more social. Here are a few tips to help you deal with loneliness.


1. How To Deal With Loneliness: Remember You Are Not Alone

Humans are very social creature, so feeling alone is very normal. On top of that, modern society is very disconnected; the government has reported that Britain is experiencing a ‘loneliness crisis’, and the situation is similar in many other countries. This is partially due to social media; while designed to connect and bring people together, it often has the opposite effect!

So try to remember that there are millions of other people who feel lonely, just like you – and they want to socialise more, just like you.


2. Don’t Withdraw From The World

If you feel very lonely you may be tempted to withdraw from the world, especially if you have tried socialising in the past and experienced rejection. However withdrawing from the world will only make you feel lonelier – and consciously deciding to ‘give up’ will make it very hard for new people to form bonds with you. So please try to avoid this – instead embrace Zoom and Skype dates, even if they feel awkward!


3. Don’t Let Your Feelings Stagnate

It is also important to not let your feeling stagnate. This is because loneliness can have a big effect on your heath; one study found that loneliness can have the same effect on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. This highlights the importance of dealing with your loneliness, rather than just ignoring it and hoping that it will go away.


4. Be Proactive

The next step is to start being proactive about your loneliness. Aim to do at least two things a day that prevent loneliness – and don’t worry about aiming too big. Start with small things that don’t overwhelm you, such as texting a friend to ask about their day or messaging a match on Date British Guys. These little steps will only take a few minutes, and they should help to reduce any feelings of loneliness.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson