Tips For Your First Online Date

Tips For Your First Online Date

Congratulations! You’ve managed to bag your first online date. You are excited to finally chat face to face – but how can you make sure the date is a success?

Here are four tips to make sure you have a great first online date.


1. Arrive With A Smile

Both women and men can feel nervous or anxious before a first date, so walk up (or answer the Skype call) with a smile on your face. This will show your date that you are happy to see them, which will put them at ease. This means you are less likely to feel prolonged nervousness, so you can both focus on actually getting to know each other!


2. Don’t Go Overboard

It can be tempting to really impress your crush on the first date, but it is too soon to go overboard. Remember that you don’t really know each other yet, and there is a chance you won’t be attracted to each other – so spending lots of money is a big risk. It could also make your crush feel pressured to like you back, so we recommend a casual, inexpensive first date that gives you the chance to talk and connect.


3. Follow Up Your Questions

Some people make the mistake of asking lots of questions on the first date to fill up any silences, but this can actually stop a proper conversation from happening. Instead follow up with your questions; if you ask what their job is you could follow up with “do you like your job?” or “are you friends with any of your co-workers?”. This will start a real conversation, and your date will feel like you are genuinely interested.


4. Don’t Focus On Impressing Them

Your crush has already agreed to go on a date with you, so you don’t need to spend the night trying to impress them. Instead you should try to show off the best parts of your personality, as this will seem more unique and interesting – and it also means that you are less likely to come across as desperate or fake.

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