Tips For Travelling In The UK

Tips For Travelling In The UK


You probably already know that in Britain an elevator is called a ‘lift’, the subway is called ‘the underground’ and fries are called ‘chips’.

However there is more than just language differences that travellers to Britain need to know about. While British culture is fairly similar to general Western culture, there are still traditions and customs that you will need to be aware of if you are travelling to the UK. You will also need to know which side of the road to drive on!

Thankfully we have compiled a handy guide that will ensure that your trip to Britain is everything that you hoped for. From classic British traditions to finding a cheap hotel, here are some tips for travelling in the UK.



Accommodation in the UK is varied, just like most other countries. You will be able to find expensive hotels and cheap bed and breakfasts in nearly every city and town that you visit, and there will normally be some mid-range independent and chain hotels. Because of this it is normally fairly easy to find somewhere in your price range, but make sure to check in advance; some areas only have a few options, so if you stay there you may end up spending more than you wanted to.

It is also important to note that hotel room sizes in the UK (and Europe) are generally smaller than hotels in Australia, America and Canada. However they are still reasonably sized!



There are lots of things to do in the UK, but be warned; prices will vary massively depending on what you want to do. For instance, tours and events tend to be expensive, so it is best to only plan a few. On the other hand the UK is filled with museums and parks that are free to enter, such as the British Museum and the Natural History Museum in London.


The Weather

The weather in Britain is normally quite mild, but it does rain a lot so you should pack some raingear – even if you are going to the UK in the summer!


Your Phone

You can arrange to use your own phone from the UK, but normally it is much cheaper to buy a cheap UK phone and sim to use during your trip. You can pick up cheap phones and sim cards from most newsagents.



In London the main forms of transport are shuttle buses, trains and the underground. All of these options are affordable and convenient. However if you are visiting a more rural area it may be best to rent a car. This is because locations are more spread out and public transport is less frequent. Remember that in Britain people drive on the left side of the road, so you will need to look right before crossing the road.

If you are taking the bus in London you will need to buy an Oyster card or an NFC card, as the buses don’t take money.



If you want to avoid the crowds, don’t plan your trip for August as it is the busiest month for tourism in the UK. Instead try a winter trip, or if you want to go in summer try June.



You can drink tap water in the UK, but if you prefer bottled water you can buy a bottle in most stores.


Do you need a Visa?

If you are from an English-speaking country, you won’t need a visa to stay in the UK. You can stay up to six months without a visa. Your passport must expire after your return date. If you are unsure if you will need a Visa, you can check online.

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