Tips For Men Experiencing Heartbreak

Tips For Men Experiencing Heartbreak

Heartbreak is very painful, and this is especially true for men. Various studies have found that many men struggle to express their feelings, and this can make it very hard for them to actually move on.

Thankfully it is possible to get through the heartbreak; you just need to know how to feel your feelings in a healthy way. Here are five tips for men experiencing heartbreak.


1. Tips For Men Experiencing Heartbreak: Cut Contact

It can be tempting to stay in contact with your ex, especially if you are hoping there is a chance of reconciliation. However this is rarely a good idea, especially if your ex seems to be moving on. While it can be very painful going no contact to begin with, it does give you the chance to heal and move on.

If you stay in touch your mind will struggle to move on, and months could pass without your feelings changing – and then you may experience heartbreak all over again when your ex starts dating someone new. So try to cut contact so that you can focus on yourself, even if it is very difficult to start with.


2. Use Your Feelings As Motivation

Experiencing heartbreak really sucks, but it is possible to use these negative feelings as motivation. For instance, if the break-up has lowered your self-esteem, you could use that negative energy to fuel you to start working out. If your negative feelings are making you feel depressed, you could use that energy to reach out to a therapist. Either way, taking action will help to improve your feelings of self-worth – and over time, it will also help you to move on.


3. Focus On Other Areas Of Your Life

If you spent a lot of time with your ex, it is possible that you will feel like there is an emptiness in your life now. So start thinking of positive ways to fill that emptiness; maybe you could spend more time with your friends or family, or maybe you could plan a solo holiday. You don’t have to spend this time sitting inside thinking about your ex; instead, you can use this time to bring more joy and happiness into your life.


4. More Tips For Men Experiencing Heartbreak: Develop A Healthy Attitude To Dating

Some men struggle with negative beliefs about dating after experiencing heartbreak. They may think that all women are out to hurt them, or they may think dating is a waste of time. These negative thoughts are often completely inaccurate, and they only serve to make your life harder. So make a conscious effort to have a healthy attitude to dating. Instead of thinking “all women are like my ex”, think “all women are different and unique. There is a great woman out there for me”. Doing this every day will help to reduce feelings of anger and loneliness.


5. Put Yourself Back Out There When You Are Ready

You may be tempted to start dating again immediately, but this can be very stressful if you’re still in love with your ex. So don’t put pressure on yourself; give yourself some time to heal and grow, and only re-join the dating scene when you are truly ready. This means you are more likely to meet someone who is actually a good match for you – and you are also less likely to lose them because they think that you are still in love with your ex!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson