Tiffany And Rob Get Married!

Tiffany And Rob Get Married!

Tiffany and Rob both joined Date British Guys in May 2017 – and one year later, the couple were officially married! The happy couple contacted us to let us know about their romance.

In their own words…


When did you start messaging each other?

Tiffany – I messaged him first after seeing his profile in May. He had a picture of himself at Disney talking to BB8 (while wearing the greatest hat!). It impressed me because he wasn’t “trying too hard” if that makes sense. It wasn’t some typical selfie trying to impress anyone – it was just him being himself and it really impressed me (It also didn’t hurt that he was adorably handsome!). I messaged him immediately, and I soon received a reply about how hard it was raining in the UK!

Rob – And we loved talking to each other straight away; within a few weeks I was waking up at 4.30am every day so we could talk to each other, and then we would speak again when I finished work in the UK.


Where are you both originally from?

Rob – I’m from Newcastle, Britain.

Tiffany – I am from Ohio, USA. I laugh and say it is the land of endless corn and cows!



When did you first meet up?

Rob – We first met in July when Tiffany flew to the UK, but we had some serious problems arranging the trip – in fact, Tiffany missed her first flight because of passport problems! When she arrived we had an amazing trip exploring Yorkshire, Wales, London, Newcastle, Bamburgh in the North and Durham. It was a great trip checking out all of the castles together!

Tiffany – My absolute favorite place in earth is now Bamburgh beach! Durham Cathedral was a very close second – I absolutely love how beautiful the UK is.


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What do you love about each other?

Rob – I love her sense of humor. She has a beautiful smile, and she is pretty much 99.9% perfect (even when she is feeling grumpy she is still perfect!). I love going on adventures with her! We also have very similar tastes when it comes to music and film.

Tiffany – I love his easy-going, laidback personality. He is sweet and kind and attentive, and he treats me like a princess! I love the way his eyes sparkle when he is excited about something, and I also love that we like the same music – we saw the Eagles on their farewell tour last month and it was amazing!

We both love to thrift shop, and he is also an absolutely amazing cook – the introduction to roast dinners and curries has changed my little foodie world! He is absolutely perfect for me in every way, and is without a doubt the love of my life and my soulmate. We have you guys to thank for that!


And now the pair are officially married, as of May 29th. Congratulations Tiffany and Rob – enjoy spending the rest of your lives with each other!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson