Things You Didn’t Know About Henry Cavill

Things You Didn’t Know About Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is a British actor who is best known for starring in Man Of Steel and Justice League. He wowed fans across the world with his acting skills and chiselled face – and if you want to find out a little bit more about him, you’re in the right place.

Here are six things you probably didn’t know about Henry Cavill.


1. Things You Didn’t Know About Henry Cavill: He Owns A Fruit Bat

Henry Cavill adopted an endangered fruit bat in 2015. The bat is called Ben, and he currently lives in Jersey at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Henry visits Ben occasionally (which definitely makes us want to plan a trip there)!


2. He Also Has A Dog

Henry also owns an American Aikita called Kal (which is based on Superman’s actual name, Kal-El). Fans love the duo, and often call Kal ‘superpuppy’. Adorable!


3. He Is British, But He Wasn’t Raised In Britain

Henry Cavill may be British, but he was actually raised on the small island of Jersey. Jersey is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, and it is just off the coast of France. He lived there with his father, who was a stockbroker, and his mother, who worked as a bank secretary.


4. He Was Cast As Superman Long Before Man Of Steel

Henry was actually cast as Superman nearly ten years before Man Of Steel was released. He was cast as the main role in Superman: Flyby, but in the end the movie was never made.


5. He Was Once Called “The Unluckiest Man In Hollywood”

We know Henry Cavill as a handsome, popular actor, but for a while he was actually known as ‘the unluckiest man in Hollywood’. This is because he missed out on a selection of great roles; he lost James Bond to Daniel Craig, he lost Edward Cullen to Robert Pattinson, and the first Superman movie he was cast in was cancelled. Thankfully he kept trying, and now he is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood!


6. He Met Russell Crowe As A Child

Russell Crowe played Henry’s dad in Man Of Steel, but the pair actually met over a decade before starring in the hit film together. They first met when Henry was 16, after Henry heard Russell was in the area filming. He headed down to ask him for acting advice, and Russell remembers being impressed by his initiative.


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