Things Single People Don’t Want To Hear

Things Single People Don’t Want To Hear

Single people tend to receive a lot of advice from their friends. Some of this advice is great, and all of it is well intentioned – but sometimes the advice can be annoying, upsetting or simply inaccurate.

Here are four things single people don’t want to hear.


1. Things Single People Don’t Want To Hear: “Just get yourself out there!”

Unless the single friend never leaves the house, the likelihood is they ARE already putting themselves out there. They probably have dating apps on their phone, and when they go to coffee shops or bars they probably look around to see if anyone is their type – they just don’t tell you this! So don’t assume your single friend isn’t trying; they probably are, and asking them to make even more effort could wear them out.


2. “Don’t settle; make sure they are The One.”

Normally when people say this, they mean well – but it can be a bit cringey to the single friend. After all, not everyone believes in ‘The One’… and even if they do, they may only be interested in dating casually right now. So don’t push someone to find their soulmate; push them to find someone who truly meets their needs.


3. “You don’t need online dating. Just do what you love and you’ll meet someone.”

If someone has been in a relationship for many years they may have an outdated view of online dating. They may think dating apps and sites are filled with weirdos, but in reality this is far from the case; in fact, online dating is actually the most popular way to meet someone!


4. “Maybe try making more of an effort with your appearance?”

Basic hygiene and a bit of effort can go a long way on a first date… but no-one should feel like their appearance needs to be altered to find love. After all, most people are looking for someone who is comfortable and happy in themselves – and comments like this can also be very hurtful to the single friend.


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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson