Things Single People Are Bored Of Hearing

Things Single People Are Bored Of Hearing

The world is filled with single people who are very happy with their single status… but yet despite this, many people in relationships assume that single people are constantly on a search for a relationship.

Sure, there are lots of single people who would like to be in a relationship – but bringing it up all the time just makes singletons feel like they are being analysed! It can also make singles feel like there is something wrong with them, which can really bring down their self-esteem.

If you’re single and you’re tired of people mentioning it, you will definitely be sick of hearing these five sentences.


1. Things Single People Are Bored Of Hearing: “Why are you still single?”

One of the worst things you can ask a single person is why they are still single. This is because the question implies that no-one would be single through choice, so there must be something wrong with the person if they aren’t in a relationship.

Sure, most people who say it have good intentions, as they are trying to imply that they are shocked that the person is single – but the “still” can make the person feel like that are unable to find a partner.


2. “You’re probably being too picky.”

So basically it’s the single person’s fault that they are single? This sentence implies that the person has too high standards, and that they should settle for whoever wants to date them – which is very rude! Everyone has the right to be choosy when it comes to a partner.


3. “Have you started dating someone yet?”

This question is tiresome as it puts so much importance on being in a relationship. Lots of single people are perfectly happy as their status as a singleton, and while they might be open to the idea of love, it isn’t an all-consuming priority.


4. “You should check out my friend…”

This can be a thoughtful thing to say if you have actually taken the time to properly match make, but if you are just trying to get two single people together because they are single it can seem condescending and rude. No-one wants to go on a date with someone they have nothing in common with just to make their friend or co-worker happy.


5. “When did you last go on a date?”

Some single people are actively dating, but other single people are taking the time to focus on themselves – and those people probably don’t want to hear this question, as it can make them feel like they are being lazy for not actively seeking out a relationship.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson