The Unwritten Rules For Online Dating

The Unwritten Rules For Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, the rules are somewhat different to real life dating. Daters are expected to describe themselves before actually meeting anyone, and profile pictures are the only way to let people know how you look. This can be a little overwhelming to start with – but don’t worry about it too much, as we have some tips to help you.

Here are the main unwritten rules of online dating,


1. The Unwritten Rules Of Dating: Don’t Be Too Modest…

If you want to find someone, avoid being too modest. Lots of dating profiles start with sentences such as “I’m not great at writing about myself”, so it is a very generic way to start your profile, and it can also make you seem like you have low self-esteem. So don’t focus on being too modest; instead focus on the things that make you unique, such as your interests and passions.


2. …But Don’t Brag Too Much!

It is also important to avoid bragging too much. Remember that confidence is attractive… but being arrogant is not. Saying something like “I make a delicious bolognese, and I will definitely try to put a smile on your face” is great, but “I have lots of money and I have no idea why I’m still single” won’t do you any favors!


3. If You Don’t Have A Picture, You Won’t Have Much Luck

If you can’t be bothered to upload one single profile photo, it will look like you’re not very serious about actually meeting someone – and some people may even assume that you are married. So if you really want to find someone, take the time to upload at least one picture!


4. The More Pictures, The Better

If someone likes your profile picture, they will probably want to see some more pictures. This is because one picture isn’t always a trustworthy indicator of how you actually look, so aim to post at least two or three pictures. And don’t worry if you don’t like any current pictures of you; you can use these picture hacks to get a few good quality shots.


5. Don’t Play Hard To Get

If you match with someone you like, don’t wait around for them to message you; send the first message yourself! It is important to make your interest clear if you want to talk to them, as otherwise they may assume you’re not interested and move on.


6. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On A First Date

It is also important to not put too much pressure on a first date. Remember the other person is still a stranger to you, so there is no guarantee they will be the love of your life. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself!


7. Trust The Process

It can be easy to lose faith in online dating if the first couple of dates don’t go well, but this is totally normal. In fact, it is very unusual for people to meet their perfect match straight away! So if you have a bad date, try to learn something from it, and then move on.


8. Don’t Wait Three Days To Call

Finally if you like someone, don’t wait three days to call. Ring or text them the next day to let them know you had a great time, and see if they agree or not. It is likely they will appreciate your forwardness – and if they don’t want a second date, you won’t waste three days waiting around!

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