The Secret To Standing Out Online

The Secret To Standing Out Online

Online dating can be a lot of fun… but only if you have a good profile. If you have a boring profile you will struggle to match with other people, so your online dating experience may be frustrating and demotivating.

Thankfully it is very easy to edit your profile; in fact, it will probably only take 10 minutes to do so! Of course, you need to know how to make your profile more appealing to the opposite sex – and that is where we step in.

Here are the secrets to standing out online


1. The Secret To Standing Out Online: Think About What Makes You Awesome

Your profile is a page where you can totally be yourself – so embrace it! Take some time to think about what makes you awesome, and then write about it. Maybe you have seen every single episode of Doctor Who, or maybe you have a really cool job. Maybe you are a great friend, or maybe you once won a hot dog eating competition! It doesn’t matter what you choose; just make sure that you choose something that you are proud of.


2. Your Profile Should Start Conversations

The most effective dating profiles are conversation starters. This is because when people check out the profile, they see something that they can relate to (or something that makes them smile), and this makes them want to reach out and connect. It also means that they can avoid the boring “Hi” “hi” “how are you?” conversation that they have already had with lots of other people!

So try to include something unique about yourself. It could be an unusual hobby, or a quote from a film you like; so long as it is something that will intrigue people and start a conversation.


3. Avoid Self Pity

When you are writing about yourself, it can be tempting to mention past relationships or heartbreak… but you should really avoid doing this. You are not defined by your past relationships, but if you let them define you it could make you seem bitter or emotionally damaged. Instead focus on writing about the things that make you happy. Of course, it is perfectly find to say “divorcee” – just don’t actually start talking about your ex!

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