The Science Of Attraction

The Science Of Attraction

If you think that attraction is all about looks and personality, you are a little off base. Sure, both of these things are important factors… but in reality, attraction is much more important than a nice smile and a good body. The science of attraction is very complex, and it goes beyond looks and materialistic needs.

Thankfully scientists have done a lot of research into sexual attraction and they have come up with some pretty interesting results. Here are six things that scientists have found out about sexual attraction.


1. The Science Of Attraction: Women Love Beards

Research has found that most women love a guy with a beard. This doesn’t mean that you’re not attractive if you don’t have a beard; it just means that women are more likely to find you biologically attractive. This is because men with stubble or beards are viewed to be healthier, so they are more likely to pass on healthy genes to their offspring.


2. Men Love Healthy, Happy Faces

For men, one of the most important things is the face. Men are visual creatures; in fact, they have up to 25% more neurons in their eyes. This means that they are more likely to notice shiny hair, smiles and bright eyes – so if you’re a woman and you want a man to notice you, smile, make eye contact and touch your hair!


3. Women Look For Opposite Immune Systems

You’ve probably never really thought about your immune system being sexy before, but weirdly enough it is a factor. Women have the ability to sense major histocompatibility complex molecules, which are proteins that are released into the air. In general women are more attracted to men with opposite immune systems to their own, as this means that their children are more likely to have a strong immune system. So if your crush isn’t into you, it could be because of your immune system!


4. Symmetry Helps

Both women and men prefer partners with symmetrical faces as this is a sign of good genetics. So appearances do play a role – but remember that the vast majority of people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces, so if you have one eyebrow that is higher than the other you shouldn’t worry too much.


5. Your Childhood Plays A Role

Research has found that people with positive childhood experiences are more likely to fancy people who share traits with their opposite sex partner. This isn’t strange or weird; it just means that you love, respect and trust your parent, so you are more likely to like people who are similar to them.


6. Pheromones Are A Big Factor

Pheromones also play a big role in sexual attraction. Both women and men are attracted to pheromones; women are attracted to testosterone as it indicates a man’s fertility and strength, and men are attracted to the copulins that are produced during ovulation.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson