The Main Things That Worry Women About Dating

The Main Things That Worry Women About Dating

Lots of women have fears when it comes to dating. These fears can be linked to emotional needs, or they could be linked to a fear of rejection – but either way, it can cause a lot of stress for both the woman and the person she is dating.

Here are some of the most common things that women worry about when it comes to dating.


1. She worries about commitment

Commitment is a big issue for modern daters. Some people want to meet the love of their life and settle down, but other people want to play the field and date multiple people, so it can be difficult to work out what your crush wants. This can be very stressful, especially if you feel like you are wasting time and money endlessly dating someone who doesn’t actually want to be in a relationship!


2. She worries she will be too emotionally needy

Everyone needs emotional support in a relationship, but many women worry that they might come across as clingy or needy. This is very normal; after all, no-one wants their partner to feel suffocated! However it is important to find someone who is willing to meet your emotional needs. This means that you will feel loved and supported, rather than lonely and resentful.


3. She worries about being rejected

Dating is can be risky; there is no guarantee that your date will like you, and even if they do they might not be interested in a relationship. So this is a very normal fear, even if you are generally a self-confident person – although you are more likely to worry about this if you have been rejected in the past.


4. She worries she isn’t attractive enough

Lots of women worry about their appearance, and this can be a big issue when it comes to dating. After all, everyone wants to look their best for their date – especially when appearance is such an important part of attraction!


5. She worries that her next relationship will be like her last

If a woman has just left a toxic, harmful relationship, she may not want to date because she is worried that the next relationship will be just as bad. This is just a form of self-protection, but it can make dating very difficult, as it means that the woman is assuming every date will have negative traits.

Can you relate to any of these worries? Does it make dating harder for you? Let us know with a comment.

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