The Best Times Of The Year To Visit London

The Best Times Of The Year To Visit London

Are you planning a trip to London, but you’re not sure when to go? London is a popular vacation city all year around, as the weather is mild and there are always events and festivals to check out.

However, you will have a totally different experience of London depending on the month you visit. If you want to make sure that your vacation is everything you dreamed of, here are the three best times to visit London.

The Three Best Times To Visit London: June In Summer

The Best Times Of The Year To Visit London

Summer is the most popular time to visit London, which is no surprise. The city is warm (and occasionally even hot!) with average temperatures of 18°C, but they can go above 30°C. The city is also especially beautiful as the streets are lined with lush greenery.

June is the best summer month as there are also lots of attractions and events to check out, such as pub theatres and public plays. You can also visit the City of London Festival Of Theatre And Music, the Covent Garden Festival, the Wimbledon tennis championships, and the Ascot horseracing.

April In Spring

The Best Times Of The Year To Visit London

Spring is also a wonderful time to visit London, as the parks are blooming and the weather is bright. Temperatures average between 11° and 15°C (52 to 59°F), but you should pack an umbrella in case you encounter the imfamous April showers!

There are also lots of holidays during April, such as Easter, Good Friday and Easter Monday, so there are lots of parades and events that you can check out.

December In Winter

The Best Times Of The Year To Visit London

If you don’t mind cold weather, you should try to visit London during December. The temperatures are very low, averaging between 2 and 6°C, so make sure to wrap up warm!

London is spectacular during December. The whole city is lit up with sparking lights, and you can find lots of seasonal Christmas markets to visit. However, this is a very popular time of the year for tourists so it is likely that flights and hotels will be more expensive. If you want to prioritize saving money on your trip, ditch the Christmas markets and plan a January trip.

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