The Best Parks In London

The Best Parks In London

London has some seriously beautiful parks, from quiet parks with manicured lawns to bustling parks with festivals and events. If you are visiting London you should definitely check out at least one park, as they perfectly encapsulate British culture and beauty.

It doesn’t matter if you like walking, relaxing, partying or simply stunning views – you will certainly be able to find a park that can entertain you! Here are some of the best parks in London.


1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most famous parks in London, and with good reason. The giant park is located in central London so it is very easy to find, and it boasts over 4,000 trees, as well as a lake, a rose garden and a beautiful meadow. You can wander around and appreciate the scenic views, or you can hire a bike from the park to help you get around quicker.

If you have time you should definitely check out the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain; it is extremely beautiful and an important part of British culture.


2. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is another huge park! The park spans over 410 acres, and it was originally designed over 200 years ago by the famous architect John Nash. The park is filled with breath-taking rose gardens and the biggest outdoor sports area in London, so it is perfect for anyone who fancies a quick game of tennis, football or cricket!

The park is also home to the Open Air Theatre, so if you go for an evening stroll you may want to wander by the theatre to see if there is a live show.


3. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath isn’t in Central London so many tourists don’t get the chance to visit, but it is well worth the four mile trip. The park is fairly quiet and peaceful, and if you walk to the top of Parliament Hill you will be rewarded with some of the best views that London has to offer!


4. Richmond Park

Richmond Park has one very unique feature; it is home to around 650 roaming deer! This makes the park seem very magical, and it can be a little surreal to see a few deer wandering past as you eat your picnic!

The park is also massive, covering around 2,500 acres of land that include riding stables, golf courses, cycle paths and well-manicured gardens.


5. St James’s Park

St James’s Park is surrounded by three palaces, making it one of the most regal parks in London. The park covers around 58 acres, and it boasts a café, a regal mall that hosts many ceremonial events and best of all – a lake with pelicans!

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