Texts To Send If You’ve Been Ghosted

Texts To Send If You’ve Been Ghosted

Have you been ghosted? Getting ghosted can really suck, especially if you have strong feelings for the other person. You may start to worry you did something wrong, and your self-esteem may drop – but in reality, the person doing the ghosting is the one doing something wrong.

If you want to reach out to acknowledge being ghosted, that is totally reasonable. This allows you to end the relationship properly on your own terms so that you can move on.

Here are a few example texts you can send if you’ve been ghosted.


7 Texts To Send If You’ve Been Ghosted

“I haven’t heard from you for a while, and I’m taking that as a sign. Have a good life!”

If it has been a while since you heard from them, this is a simple and concise way to let them know you are no longer interested.


“I was under the impression that we were both emotionally mature adults, but I suppose I was wrong.”

If you feel annoyed about the lack of communication, this is a good way to let them know (without being too angry!).


“If you are no longer interested in me, that is fine. I just wish that you’d have been honest about your feelings instead of blanking me. No worries though.”

This shows emotional maturity from you.


“We haven’t spoken for a while, so I’m going to assume that you feel the same way as me and you don’t see this going anywhere.”

This is a good way to tie up any loose ends (while also letting the other person that you were also not interested in pursuing a connection).


“I haven’t heard from you for a while. That is fine, but if I did something wrong, it would be great to know for future dates.”

If you suspect that you’ve done something wrong on a date, this is a good way to try and find out what. However it is important to remember that ghosting itself is wrong; no-one deserves to be ignored.


“This is the first time I’ve been ghosted and I really hope it is the last. It makes dating feel much worse than it needs to.”

This lets the other person know that their actions have caused you pain, so they will be less likely to ghost someone in the future.


“I doubt you were planning on texting me again as I haven’t heard from you for so long, so please delete my number. I don’t appreciate ghosts coming back from the dead.”

Some people yo-yo in and out of other people’s lives without any regard for their feelings. This text reduces the chance of the other person reappearing in the future, so you can actually move on.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson