Summertime Date Ideas

Summertime Date Ideas


Dating in summer is so different to dating in winter – those cosy wine bars just don’t cut it when the weather is glorious. Summer is a time to go outside and embrace the sun, but don’t worry if your head is still in winter mode.

Here are 15 awesome summertime date ideas to make your summer sizzle.


1. Wash your car together.

It makes a boring task fun, and it’s very likely that you’ll end up having a water fight!


2. Buy a kite and go to the park to fly it together.


3. Go to a drive-in cinema.

Drive-in cinemas may seem like something from the past, but they are still there! From rooftop screenings to temporary drive-in cinemas, they are still out there. Check online to see if there will be any in your area over summer.


4. Go to the zoo.

This can be a great casual first date, but avoid going during the summer holidays. Wait for a quiet day so that it isn’t too busy!


5. Go to an outdoor gig.

Live music is always enjoyable, and being outdoors makes the whole thing more romantic. Check out music events in your local park to see what your options are.


6. Go walking together.

Check online to see if there are any hiking routes in your area.


7. Go for a drive.

Make sure your car is clean, and find a scenic route before you set off, and this will be a fun and adventurous date.


8. Get in the water.

You can rent canoes, kayaks and sail boats – all perfect for a sunny day. If your date isn’t confident in the water, get a sail boat so you can take the lead.


9. Explore the nature in your area.

From parks to forests, take your date out to see the sights. Take snacks and drinks to make a day of it.


10. Watch a play at an outdoor theatre.

This is a cultured date idea that is perfect for a 3rd or 4th date, but avoid it for a first date, as it doesn’t give you much opportunity to talk and get to know each other.


11. Watch a sports game.

Does your date love any of the same sports as you? If so, watching a sports game in the sun is a great way for you two to bond.


12. Visit the fair.

It may seem like a date idea for teenagers, but the fair is great fun for adults too! Try some cotton candy and go on the teacups together, but avoid eating too many snacks – unless you don’t mind being sick in front of your date.


13. Go on a picnic together.

Pack strawberries, wine and a blanket to guarantee a seriously romantic date.


14. Go to the farmer’s market together and choose ingredients together.

Then head back to your house to cook the meal together. Perfect!


15. Play a round of mini golf together.

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