Summer Fashion Tips For Men

Summer Fashion Tips For Men


As each year passes, fashion moves forward – and so should your wardrobe. There are common fashion mistakes that many men make every summer, and avoiding these will help you to make a great impression during a date.

No matter what your budget is, you will still be able to follow these style tips to make sure you look great all summer long.


1. Wear Purple

A recent study found that women think the most attractive color a man can wear is purple. Blue and pink were the least appealing options, so it may be worth avoiding those colors on date night!


2. Find The Perfect Linen Blazer

Wool suits are a classic look, and most men have one or two in their wardrobe. However, these suits don’t work as well in summer, as they are so thick and warm that they can leave you feeling too warm and sweaty.

A lightweight linen blazer is a great way to look suave during summer. Consider getting one in a pastel color, such as light blue – or go for navy if you prefer dark shades.


3. Invest In Something Colorful

Many men fall into the ‘safe style’ trap, where they only wear plain colors and designs in an attempt to be both fashionable and practical. This can result in a whole wardrobe of navy, black, grey, blue and white, which can be pretty dull.

Use the sun as a chance to refresh your look! Invest in a colorful shirt or pair of shoes – colorful sneakers can look really on-trend. If you don’t take many fashion risks, consider buying a brightly colored wallet to update your look.


4. Wear An Accessory

Summer fashion is a lot more limiting for men than women. While women have dresses, skirts and heels for a fresh summer look, men only have shorts and T shirts. Personalize your look by adding a small accessory, like a pocket square or a leather satchel. Hats are also a great option, as they protect your skin from the sun. These little accessories will pull your whole outfit together!


5. Consider Man-Scaping

As the days get warmer, everyone starts to wear less. Just as women tend to shave their legs more often in summer, it can be beneficial for men to also consider getting rid of some hair. Two areas to watch out for are the back and chest, which can become long and unruly during the winter months. Of course this is all personal preference, and everyone prefers a different look.


6. Wear Sunscreen

Ideally you should be wearing sunscreen everyday – including in winter. In summer it is especially important to put sunscreen on your face and arms, as they are often exposed to the damaging sun. You’ll thank us for this one later!

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