Success Story Update! Erinn and Adrian Get Hitched!

Success Story Update! Erinn and Adrian Get Hitched!

Last year, we brought you the story of Erinn and Adrian, two of our users who met on our site and fell in love.  The last time we checked in with them, they were engaged and planning a wedding.

Things have moved along quite nicely for the couple: they were married in a beautiful ceremony this year and have even bought a house!  Here are the details:

Erinn and Adrian Get Married“How time flies when you are having fun! Adrian (curiousfrog) and I (booklioness) have been very happy indeed, getting married and buying a home together. All thanks to you. I recently saw your Facebook post regarding the happy ending found by Marcia, and remembered that I had not updated you any further than our own engagement! We were married in Key West, Florida in December. Since we were awaiting the approval of Adrian’s K-1 visa, we couldn’t set an exact date. We decided to plan a date later for our family and friends to get together for a blessing and celebration. Once we had the visa (8 months waiting time!), we got married on the beach in an intimate ceremony. We then had a Valentine’s Day party for our family and friends in February. We have been extremely happy together.

Thank you again for having this site. It brought our dreams to reality! Oh, and as a P.S., anyone wanting to pursue the dream and come to America: we found the site invaluable for help on how to get through the maze and succeed!

Warm regards,


We couldn’t be happier for these two and we hope these tales of success encourage you to get out there and find that someone special.  Maybe you’ll be the next one to write us with wonderful news!

Erinn and Adrian Wedding

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