Success Story: Jen and Stew Share Their Personal Tale of a Whirlwind Romance

Success Story: Jen and Stew Share Their Personal Tale of a Whirlwind Romance

After a long search for the perfect woman and unconvinced by the online dating scene, Stew eventually decided to try his luck on, where he came across the gorgeous Jen. Emboldened by their shared interests, Stew decided to fly across the Atlantic where they bonded on the warm shores of Florida and haven’t looked back since. Stew and Jen each wrote to DBG to share their personal perspectives of a whirlwind romance. The couple are engaged to be married in 2015:


“I’m writing because I met my future wife Jen on and I know she’s written to you so say thanks and inspire others. I was only on DBG for a few weeks and it was all I needed to find the woman I’d spent a long time been looking for.

Jen was one of the first profiles I saw and was (and is) genuinely pretty, I had to say hi and find out if she was as beautiful inside as she was outside. I messaged on DBG and from our first exchanges there was a natural easiness, we joked and laughed and shared and became deeply connected very quickly. From that moment on we communicated all day every day, I felt like I couldn’t know enough about her (and still don’t), and I thrived on all we shared.

The connection is like nothing I’ve felt before and honestly didn’t think I’d find something like this online, I’m so happy I was proved wrong.


We Skyped after a few days and the connection deepened as we looked at each other and listened. I knew I had found something special at that point, something truly different. We talked for hours, shared and continued to share every minute for eight days.

I decided that I was falling in love with Jen and needed to know if it translated to real life. Call it crazy, romantic, adventurous or stupid but I asked her to meet, got on a plane and flew from the UK to Tallahassee in Florida. We met at the airport and it was clear that everything I felt before was increased 100 times by being with her.

Since then we have both been across the Atlantic many time and my Jen is moving to the UK so we can be together. Thank you DBG, for helping us find each other and for giving us both something magical and life changing.”


“Without DBG I would not have met the man who became the love of my life.

It’s been an amazing journey and its makes for a great ‘how did you two meet’ story. I met Stewart the first day I joined DBG and from our very first email exchanges I (we both) had an instant connection. Powerful actually. From there it’s just taken off. 10 days after met Stewart brought a ticket to the States. Seems crazy looking back but neither of us had any doubt that we needed to see one another to confirm what was happening between us.

Exactly two weeks after we met I was picking him up from the airport. We had our first New Year’s Eve together. Within two months I was on a plane to the UK. In July Stewart was here with me again and I’ll be spending the holidays in the UK with him.

It has unfolded into an amazing love story and if it wasn’t for your site our paths would have most likely never crossed. So thank you. Keep giving others the opportunity to find love as we did.”


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