Style Tips For Single Men

Style Tips For Single Men

You’ve got a date lined up with someone you really like, but you’re struggling to decide what you should wear. Maybe you should dress casual in jeans, or maybe you should go for something smarter – you’re just not sure.

Can you relate to this? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of men feel unsure about their style, especially when it comes to dating. Thankfully we have lots of tips to ensure you always look fresh and stylish on your dates.

Here are four style tips for single men.


1. Dress For The Location

The first thing that you should think about is the location. This is because there are lots of popular first date venues, from restaurants to coffee shops to outdoor markets (if it’s the right time of the year!). So think about how you would normally dress if you were going to one of these places, and wear something similar.

If you still feel unsure, remember it is better to turn up overdressed than underdressed. So if you are undecided between casual jeans and smart chinos, go for the smarter option. This will show your date that you made an effort, which is something women tend to appreciate!


2. Highlight Your Best Features

If you want to impress your date you should choose an outfit that highlights your best features. Everyone has different best features; maybe yours is your height, or your hair. No matter what it is, choose an outfit that makes your best feature stand out – and if you’re not sure what your best feature is, ask female friends to help you out.

If your best feature is a part of your body (such as your shoulders, or your chest), wear a lighter colour in that area. Research has found that lighter colours will draw attention to specific parts of the body, so if you wear a pastel blue jumper she is more likely to notice your upper body.


3. Know When To Save And When To Spend

If you are thinking about buying something new for the date, know when to save and when to spend. It isn’t always worth splashing out money on basics such as socks and t-shirts, but it is definitely worth spending a little more on a good jacket and pair of trousers. This is because high-quality outerwear will help to create a masculine silhouette, while cheaper clothes can look slouchier and more relaxed (which isn’t normally a good thing!).


4. Add A Personal Touch

Once you have decided what to wear you can add a personal touch to the outfit. Everyone has a unique personal style, and you can show this off by adding an accessory such as a scarf or a pair of printed socks. This will make your outfit seem original and personal, so you will come across as more memorable and interesting to your date – and it is likely that you will also feel more confident if you are wearing something you really like, so this is a win-win situation!

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