Signs You’re In A Karmic Relationship

Signs You’re In A Karmic Relationship

A karmic relationship is a kind of relationship that comes with a lot of drama and instability. The relationship may feel passionate and exciting at the beginning, but as time goes on it can cause both parties a lot of emotional damage.

Do you think that you might be experiencing a karmic relationship? If so, we are here to help. Here are five signs that indicate you are in a karmic relationship.


1. Signs You’re In A Karmic Relationship: There Is Drama

There is constant drama in your relationship. Every other day there is a new issue to discuss, and sometimes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster due to the constant ups and downs. This does add an element of passion to the relationship to start with, but over time you start to crave calmness and normality.


2. You Argue A Lot

You and your date constantly argue with each other. These disagreements are about both big and small issues, and no matter how much you try to avoid fighting it seems impossible. The fights are also very emotionally taxing; both parties throw around personal insults, and afterwards it can be difficult to move past certain comments that were made.


3. Communication Is Poor

You and your partner struggle to communicate effectively with each other, especially if one of you is feeling annoyed or upset. This means that a lot of small issues blow up into big arguments, and they are rarely resolved properly. This miscommunication means that no-one feels understood, and over time this can cause resentment to build up.


4. You Are Co-Dependent

The relationship switches between love-bombing (when things are good) to being iced out (when things are bad). This can create feelings of co-dependency; you may feel like you need your partner’s validation to feel good, so you find it hard to leave their side.


5. There Are Red Flags

You have started to notice a lot of red flags in your relationship. From shouting at each other to trying to control each other, there are lots of different red flags that could crop up as time goes on. Ultimately these red flags mean that the relationship isn’t healthy, and they could also indicate emotional immaturity.

Leaving a karmic relationship can be difficult, but ultimately it is the best option for your long-term happiness. Remember that healthy love doesn’t come with constant fighting and conflict; it is calm, respectful and understanding.

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