Signs Your Date Doesn’t Want A Relationship

Signs Your Date Doesn’t Want A Relationship

When it comes to dating everyone has different expectations. Some people are looking for their soulmate, while other people just want to have some fun – and other people have no idea what they are looking for.

This can make the dating process pretty difficult, especially if you and your date haven’t had a conversation about your expectations. If you’re not sure how to bring the subject up, or your date isn’t really giving you a proper response, don’t worry; you don’t need to keep wringing your hands with uncertainty. Here are a few signs that your date isn’t looking for a relationship.


1. They Hesitate When You Talk About The Future

Whenever you say something like “we should do that together” or “we have to try that” they seem fairly hesitant, and they don’t make any suggestions about future plans themselves. This is fairly normal during the first few weeks of dating when everything is still very new, but if you have been talking for over a month and they still seem nervous when you talk about future plans, it could be because they don’t see you in their future.


2. They Are Rarely Physical

Your date isn’t physically affectionate; they don’t try to hold your hand or put their hand on your leg, and when you are talking over the phone or Skype they never say anything that hints toward physical affection (such as “I really need a hug” or “I wish you were with me right now”).


3. They Make Promises They Don’t Keep

They often make promise that they don’t keep, such as saying that they will ring you and then never calling. This can be seen as forgetfulness to begin with, but if they keep doing it regularly it could be because they don’t care enough to remember.


4. They Seem To Prefer Other People’s Company

When you ask your date if they want to hang out or Skype they always seem to come up with an excuse not to see you. Everyone has friends and other commitments, but if you barely talk or spend time together it probably means that your date isn’t looking for something serious.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson