Signs You Fall In Love Too Quickly

Signs You Fall In Love Too Quickly

Falling in love with someone who loves you back is exciting and fun… but falling in love too quickly can be emotionally devastating. It can also result in the end of your new relationship, so it is important to try and be more realistic with your feelings.

If you are wondering if you fall too fast, there are a few tell-tale signs you can look out for. Here are five signs that you fall in love too quickly.


1. When A First Date Doesn’t Pan Out You Are Devastated

When you go on a date with someone and they don’t call afterwards, you’re not just disappointed; you’re devastated. While it is normal to feel upset if someone doesn’t call you after a few dates, if you have only been on one date and you feel really upset it could mean that you prone to falling for people before you know them properly.


2. Your Friends Can’t Keep Up With Your Love Life

Your friends can’t keep track with your dating life because you fall for people so frequently. You constantly tell them that you think you’ve found the one, even when you’ve only been dating someone for a month or so.


3. Your Relationships Move Too Quickly

Your relationships tend to move fairly quickly; you will move in with partners after only a few months, and you are more than happy to say the L word within the first few weeks. This is because you feel like you know your partner very well quickly, although this often proves not to be the case.


4. You Start Planning Your Wedding After A Few Dates

You may have only known your date for a few weeks, but you’re already planning your future wedding and honeymoon. You’ve even picked out the perfect venue!


5. You Frequently Experience A Broken Heart

If you find yourself constantly falling in love too soon, it is likely that you will also frequently experience a broken heart. This is because you are falling for people who don’t feel as strongly as you do, and this can result in a breakup and painful feelings for you. This can make you feel jaded about love after a few heartbreaks, so it is important to try and work on yourself so that you can be more realistic in your future relationships.

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